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Our Work With Partners

At MagicBreaks we work closely with a number of partners who pride themselves on being environmentally conscious. We're proud to support such partners as they work towards providing environmentally-friendly experiences.


Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland® Paris are continuously working at creating an innovative and sustainable tourist destination in Europe by putting strategies in place to address major environmental challenges. They aim to prevent environmental risks and impacts, improve environmental performance and prepare for the future by integrating innovative solutions.

* Disneyland® Paris has increased its use of renewable energy in order to meet the objective of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

* Disneyland® Paris achieved its objective of reducing its consumption of potable water by 16% between 2013 - 2018. Since 2013, the resort has also had its own wastewater treatment plant for the two Theme Parks and the Disneyland® Hotel.

* Since 1992, Disneyland® Paris has been developing innovative and sustainable initiatives onsite to preserve and promote biodiversity.

* Since January 2018, five of the Disney® Hotels have been taking part in the voluntary French National Program for Environmental Footprint for Hotels. The initiative aims to raise consumer awareness of the environmental footprint of an overnight stay in a hotel. Three of the hotels have scored an A rating (Disney's Hotel Cheyenne, Disney's Hotel Santa Fe and Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch), while two hotels have received a B rating (Disney's Sequoia Lodge and Disney's Newport Bay Club).


Les Villages Nature® Paris

Les Villages Nature® Paris is a sustainable destination, offering a unique experience close to nature. It is a revolutionary development in terms of tourism; a destination in which everything has been designed to minimise the ecological footprint of the resort.

* Geothermal energy covers 100% of the heating requirements at Les Villages Nature® Paris, equivalent to economising 9,000 tonnes of CO2. Thanks to this heat source, guests can enjoy the outdoor lagoon at Aqualagon®, heated to 30°C all year round.

* Many of the activities at Les Villages Nature® Paris help and encourage guests of all ages to learn more about how we can protect the environment. After a walk around Extraordinary Gardens you'll soon become an expert in the making of compost, and the importance of installing insect shelters. Plus, thanks to the Explorers Club, young children will be able to enjoy all of the entertainment activities developed with their partner Disney Nature.

* It is extremely easy to reach Les Villages Nature® Paris by public transport, or by using a green taxi. Once at the resort you can get around easily on foot or by bike!



From 1st January 2020 Eurostar pledged to plant a tree for every train service that is operates across its routes. 20,000 additional trees will be planted every year in woodlands across Eurostar's markets of the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

* Eurostar will make a reduction of 5% of train energy by 2020 and will reduce train energy by using energy meters on-board their e320 trains.

* They aim to eliminate the use of fossil fuel energy for all of their train journeys across all markets by 2030 and will invest in renewable energy at their UK depot.

* Over the last 10 years Eurostar have significantly reduced the amount of paper they use by thousands of tons. Using digital technology they aim to eliminate paper ticketing with a reduction of 50%.

* They are committed to reducing waste onboard and are working with catering suppliers to reduce waste at source.


The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company's commitment to environmental stewardship goes back to its founding over 90 years ago.

* In 2019 Disney brought online a new 270-acre, 50 megawatt solar facility at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida; the facility is anticipated to generate enough power from the sun to operate two of the four theme parks in Orlando annually.

* Disney have eliminated single-use plastic straws and stirrers at all owned and operated locations across the globe; a reduction of more than 175 million straws and 13 millions stirrers annually.

* All Disney Hotels and Cruise Ships are also transitioning to refillable in-room amenities, reducing plastics in guest rooms by 80%.

* For over a decade Disney has invested in nature-based climate solutions; these natural places provide habitats for animals and resources for local communities through food, shelter and income, all while helping to reduce the impact of climate change.


MSC Cruises

In Winter 2022 the brand-new MSC World Europa will set sail - the first ship in the trailblazing MSC World Class fleet. This new ship will symbolise the beginning of a new era of cruising, being LNG powered.

* MSC World Europa will be the fleets first LNG-powered ship (one of the world's cleanest marine fuels); another huge step forward in MSC's commitment to environmental stewardship.

* The brand-new ship also features breakthrough green technologies and brings MSC's fleet closer to their ultimate goal of "zero emissions operations".

* LNG powered engines ensure 99% reduction of SOx emissions, 85% reduction of NOx emissions, 25% reduction of greenhouse gases and major elimination of particulate matter in exhaust.

How MagicBreaks are working to help the environment


* All members of the MagicBreaks team across the country work from home throughout the year, greatly reducing the use of transport; ultimately giving us a much smaller carbon footprint.

* Homeworking is also significantly reducing office energy consumption. Employees working from home requires much less energy expenditure than it would to heat/cool offices each day.

* Similarly, it is much easier to manage electrical output when working from home, as the use of power can be restricted by working in one room; whereas offices require multiple rooms being lit/powered at one time.

* As a global business we continuously use technology to connect with colleagues and partners worldwide, as opposed to travelling regularly to meet in person; resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions.